Author Interviews

While researching material for Empires of History Podcast Frank will sometimes find people who’s work is so interesting it’d be a crime not to interview the author. All interviews will of course be related to the show and the main focus of Empires will be on producing narrative history for listeners enjoyment.

The following authors have graciously agreed to come on the show. Please check their websites out and, most especially, consider purchasing their work wherever great books are sold.

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John McHugo

Author Interview #1 with John McHugo: A Brief Discussion of Islamic History Listen here

Author, distinguished lawyer, and historian. Mr. McHugo is the author of A Concise History of the Arabs, Syria: A Recent History, and A Concise History of Sunnis and Shi’is. John shares his extensive knowledge of the Middle East and the legacy of the Ottoman Empire today among other topics.

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Please visit John McHugo’s webpage where you can find exciting information about the author and a wonderful extended bio. Here is McHugo’s website. Please check out his books, purchase and leave a review for the author here if you live in the UK and here if you live in the U.S.

Dan Cross

Author Interview #2 with Dan Cross: The Art of Historical Fiction Listen here

Writer, amateur historian, business owner, and shortlisted for the 2018 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Award. Dan’s soon to be debut novel, Caesar of Mercenaries, follows the Catalan Mercenary Company formed during the turbulent times of the late 12th and early 13th centuries. Dan discusses his love of history and writing, the challenges and joys of research, and the fine art of crafting historical fiction.

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Please check out Dan’s website Click here where you can discover his blog and services offered to writers. Feel like connecting with Dan? Find him and Twitter: @Dancrossauthor