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Always improving episodes

I just wanted to let the listeners of Empires of History Podcast know that I’m hard at work to ever improve the quality, content, and presentation of The Ottoman Series. Episode 7 by dint of quantity, is much better according to listener feedback than episode 1. The introductions have been moved to the back end and a secondary track has been added to create some variety. The research effort will continue and never be compromised.

With that being said I am throwing around the idea of redoing Episodes 1-4. This will be a project when I actually have time on my hands (who knows when that’ll be-hint hint not anytime soon).

Thanks for sticking with me. And thanks for all the positive feedback. It really makes a difference.

Patreon Page is a GO!

Already two episodes in and I’ve been receiving great feedback that I hope to recycle into future episodes to create better content. But as the old saying goes sometimes you just have to let quantity create the quality. With that being said I am proud to announce that we now have an official Patreon page. Here you can donate, any dollar amount, a token of appreciation if you should be so willing.

The page can be found here:

I can’t thank you enough.