What people are saying about Frank’s Empires of History Podcast: The Ottoman Series

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“This is a very insightful podcast whether you’re a seasoned history buff, or just a novice exploring a new hobby. I highly recommend it.” Brooks Houser, listener, source: Show’s website.

“Frank does an extensive amount of research and knows his stuff on portions of history most people don’t know. Yet he tells the story in a very interesting way. I do plan on sitting back and enjoying this podcast on many drives ahead.” Tim O’Brien, listener/host-Shaping Opinion, source: Apple Podcasts Reviews.

“If you like me, are looking for a supplementary Podcast to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, look no further! Click play, and prepare to be taken on a long thoughtful well researched and articulated journey through the complexities of the Ottoman Empire and their lasting effect on the globe today!.” Pod Addict, listener, source: Apple Podcast Reviews.

“This podcasts offers insights into the “why” and “who” throughout history. The forgotten Ottomans are brought back to life and beautifully explained by the host. Easy to listen to and follow, Frank does an excellent job with his work!” abgwads, listener, source: Apple Podcasts Reviews.

“It’s clear from the very start that Frank really knows what he’s talking about, and he has an absolutely magical way of weaving together a story which enthralls and captivates the listener. Each episode takes you on a journey through history, and it is incredibly easy to become completely lost in the world Frank tells you about. I wish I had discovered this podcast sooner!” Girls! Girls! Girls! Podcast, listener, source: Apple Podcasts Reviews.

“Loved episode #1 of the Ottoman Series! Very Interesting! I’m going to have to continue this one! Go check it out.” SecretSpice, listener/host- Secret Spice Podcast, source: Apple Podcasts Reviews.

“The history of the Ottomans is a complicated one with many ideological death traps (Christian vs. Muslim, Armenian genocide, Turkish-Arabs)… This podcast is starting out right, and fills a gaping hole with non-judgmental facts in a narrative fashion for that period and place of history.” Jonathan, listener/host- History of the Copts, source: Apple Podcasts Reviews.

“Have you checked out Empires of History Podcast yet? It’s dedicated to one of the most influential yet least well known empires of the modern world, the Ottomans. East meets West in excellent detail in each episode! Well worth a listen!” Can’t Make This Up History Podcast, source: Twitter @CMTUHistory